Tin tức

Cam Le kho me cake village

Cam Le village is situated in Cam Le District’s Khue Trung Ward, and is well-known for its kho me (sesame) cake making.  Visitors to this village will fall in love with the scenic beauty and peaceful atmosphere of the landscape here.  

Kho me cake is a speciality of Quang Nam Province and Da Nang, and Cam Le village has the best reputation in Viet Nam. 

The village is home to 6 cake production establishments which create job opportunities for over 50 local people.  Amongst local cake producers, the brand name ‘Mrs Lieu’ is very famous in both domestic and foreign markets.  This brand name is owned by Huynh Thi Dieu whose production facility is located on the northern side of the Cam Le Bridge.      


Kho me cakes are made from glutinous flour, rice flour, granulated sugar, ginger, and sesame seeds.  The rice flour is mixed with the glutinous flour, then poured into a mould to be steamed and then dried.  Next, the cakes are coated in sugar or sesame.  The ones that are coated in sugar are called “kho no”, whilst those coated in sesame are called “kho me”.  The delicious cakes are soft with well-dried sesame, and when they are broken the sugar must be like thin yellow silk cords.  Local families usually put these cakes on their altars on the death anniversaries of their relatives or at Tet.


Cam Le banh kho me has made it into the list of the top 10 most well-known Vietnamese gift specialities.

Visitors to this village can buy these cakes and give them as gifts to their relatives and friends.  This is one of the local specialties which many visitors are interested in.

Today, kho me cakes are sold across the whole country, as well as abroad.